Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the universe.

Astrobiology at NASA. Life in the Universe;

The Barry Blumberg Memorial Workshop – Moonshots and Earthshots in the Search for Life Beyond Earth, at Green Bank Observatory was a major event in many regards – drawing together thinkers from diverse fields to discuss progress and challenges in Astrobiology that were expected over the next decade (the Earthshots) and future plans that might require several decades work and possibly major technical or intellectual advances (the Moonshots).

For this event I designed the logo, poster, and collateral materials (including swag) for the workshop. The font for the logo is inspired in parts from Gill Sans and Helvetica, but is a hand-drawn font that fully resembles neither.

Astrobiology Conference poster
A poster designed for the 2019 Barry Blumberg Memorial Workshop in Astrobiology (AstroBio2019) held at the Green Bank Observatory. Program: Adobe Illustrator
Main logo design
Alternate logo design for swag and collateral material
Carabiner mug that was produced as swag for the event. They went like hotcakes!



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