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  • Northern Africa and Middle Eastern Peoples

    Northern Africa and Middle Eastern Peoples

    When the International Mission Board (IMB) shifted their focus from regions to people (affinity sites), all regional sites needed to be updated to the new corporate structure. The North African and Middle Eastern (NAME) people’s affinity required a new colour palette and site design in keeping with the new IMB corporate site. In addition to […]

  • Site redesign(s) – Western Europe Regional site

    Site redesign(s) – Western Europe Regional site

    The three images below show a site design progression for the Western Europe regional site. The first two images are a before and after look at the site, while the third image shows the result of a move towards “People Group” focus. Site as it appeared in 2006 Site redesign, circa 2007 Present site design […]

  • Dominion Gospel site

    Dominion Gospel site

    Dominion, a gospel quartet from Richmond, needed a logo, website, and CD cover designs for their 2004 CD release. Sadly the web site is defunct – no idea bout the gospel quartet …

  • Beyond the Wall

    Beyond the Wall

    Beyond the Wall (or BTW) was a small sub-site created for the International Mission Board to provide information about the Muslim faith and practitioners around the world. In addition to the site design, I also created and coded the Flash map interface. Site url: courtesy of the Wayback Machine, as the original site is […]

  • Artists Web site

    Artists Web site

    Barbara Sullivan, a portrait artist in Richmond desired a web presence to broaden her client base. A consistent use of color, image accuracy (to original) and relative size were all major considerations in the design. Using straight HTML and CSS, the design is simple, yet showcases her work effectively while providing easy navigation (and no […]