Category: Astronomy Illustration

  • Fast Radio Burst

    Fast Radio Burst

    Image created for a press release about Fast Radio Bursts. “New research about this Fast Radio Burst (FRB) has revealed a rarely seen astronomical environment around its source, where magnetic fields twist, turn, and undulate over time. This is the first detection of a magnetic field reversal observed from an FRB, and the first time […]

  • Astrochemistry


    Nearly all molecules (>90%) discovered outside the Solar System are found by observing their characteristic rotational spectra – the signature emission that molecules give off as they tumble end over end in space. These signals occur across the radio spectrum. Astrochemists search for these spectral signatures on a daily basis, vastly accelerating the pace of […]

  • Pulsar


    A pulsar is a star that provides a “pulsating radio source” due to the highly magnetized rotating neutron star at its core. Much like a lighthouse is only visible when its beam passes directly over an observer, the radiated energy from a pulsar can only be seen when its beam of emission is pointing directly […]

  • Star Formation

    Star Formation

    Illustration on a stage of star formation. As molecular clouds coalesce and collapse on themselves, dozens to tens of thousands of stars can be formed. Text associated with this image: Wide-format radio cameras on the Green Bank Telescope will allow the study of star formation regions in unprecedented depth across wide areas of the Galaxy. […]

  • Gas Wind Streaming from Galactic Center

    Gas Wind Streaming from Galactic Center

    At the heart of the Milky Way’s Galactic Center lies a supermassive black hole, and surrounding it are regions of intense star formation. The black hole, the star-forming regions, or a combination of both are driving a million-degree wind of hot gas that flows outward above and below the plane of the Milky Way in […]

  • Swarm of Hydrogen Clouds Flying Away from Center of our Galaxy

    Swarm of Hydrogen Clouds Flying Away from Center of our Galaxy

    Official press release from the Green Bank Observatory. This image was created using a large-format image of the Milky Way galaxy (photo by Serge Brunier, more info about this work here) upon which an illustration of the expanding clouds was created in Photoshop. Creating an image of something which is not exactly visible to the […]