DSLCC Web site

DSLCC Redesign – redesigned

DSLCC Web site

Main site: www.dslcc.edu

The main goal in this site redesign was to make the site dynamic, responsive, and “future-proofed”. Working with a design firm, I was the creative liaison for DSLCC in the redesign of our college Web site. The primary design elements (logo design, branding guidelines, layout) came from my input, and the site design was realized by the design firm. This was a unique opportunity for me to help art-direct a project, providing valuable input to the designer and developer, and as the ultimate end-user, I can say that the site performs as expected. All current content and design elements are created by me and maintained through WordPress.

One key takeaway I do have on this project was the knowledge that a preponderance of plugins (how’s that for alliteration?) is never a good thing. My knowledge of WordPress and site usability came in very handy as I was able to streamline the site and reduce lag time on page loads.