Various illustrative works (drawn/sketched – both by hand and computer art)

  • Nature Trail signage

    Nature Trail signage

    Two nature trail projects at Green Bank Observatory required trail signage specific to both the topic of radio astronomy, as well as the unique nature of the environment where the observatory is located. This design illustrates the advantage of placing a radio astronomy observatory in a valley protecting the sensitive receivers from radio frequency interference […]

  • “National Park” Styled Posters

    “National Park” Styled Posters

    When a colleague returned from a conference in Hawaii (back in 2019), he excitedly showed me a poster designed for another observatory – done in a style reminiscent of the WPA-produced National Park posters. I was familiar with both the style and the poster in question and had been working on a few WPA-inspired versions […]

  • Gas Wind Streaming from Galactic Center

    Gas Wind Streaming from Galactic Center

    At the heart of the Milky Way’s Galactic Center lies a supermassive black hole, and surrounding it are regions of intense star formation. The black hole, the star-forming regions, or a combination of both are driving a million-degree wind of hot gas that flows outward above and below the plane of the Milky Way in […]

  • Family Science Day 2018

    Family Science Day 2018

    Poster and collateral designs for Family Science Day at the Green Bank Observatory Science Center.