Author: pvos

  • Map – Back Creek Farms

    Map – Back Creek Farms

    A location map created for Back Creek Farms for the 2022 Maple Festival.

  • Fast Radio Burst

    Fast Radio Burst

    Image created for a press release about Fast Radio Bursts. “New research about this Fast Radio Burst (FRB) has revealed a rarely seen astronomical environment around its source, where magnetic fields twist, turn, and undulate over time. This is the first detection of a magnetic field reversal observed from an FRB, and the first time…

  • Timeline for GBO

    Timeline for GBO

    I designed a large hallway display depicting a timeline of radio astronomy at Green Bank Observatory, running from the early days in the 1950s through the 2010s and beyond. Each panel is 4 ft by 6 ft, and a simple path traces events along the timeline as a viewer walks from the Atrium down to…

  • Nature Trail signage

    Nature Trail signage

    Two nature trail projects at Green Bank Observatory required trail signage specific to both the topic of radio astronomy, as well as the unique nature of the environment where the observatory is located. This design illustrates the advantage of placing a radio astronomy observatory in a valley protecting the sensitive receivers from radio frequency interference…

  • Sticker – the Great American Eclipse

    Sticker – the Great American Eclipse

    Sticker designed for the occasion of the 2017 total Solar eclipse, which was observed by over 2000 people at the Green Bank Observatory.

  • The Universe is whispering …

    The Universe is whispering …

    Poster designed for the Green Bank Science Center Gift Shop. This has been one of the best-selling posters in the shop and was a ton of fun to design. Related work

  • Astrochemistry


    Nearly all molecules (>90%) discovered outside the Solar System are found by observing their characteristic rotational spectra – the signature emission that molecules give off as they tumble end over end in space. These signals occur across the radio spectrum. Astrochemists search for these spectral signatures on a daily basis, vastly accelerating the pace of…

  • Pulsar


    A pulsar is a star that provides a “pulsating radio source” due to the highly magnetized rotating neutron star at its core. Much like a lighthouse is only visible when its beam passes directly over an observer, the radiated energy from a pulsar can only be seen when its beam of emission is pointing directly…

  • Star Formation

    Star Formation

    Illustration on a stage of star formation. As molecular clouds coalesce and collapse on themselves, dozens to tens of thousands of stars can be formed. Text associated with this image: Wide-format radio cameras on the Green Bank Telescope will allow the study of star formation regions in unprecedented depth across wide areas of the Galaxy.…

  • AstroBio2023


    The new poster was designed for the 2nd Barry Blumberg Astrobiology Workshop at Green Bank Observatory. The topic for the workshop is Oxygen in Planetary Biospheres. For this reason, the planet depicted in the upper third of the poster has planet eight moons, representing the eight electrons of an oxygen atom. Planets with a multitude…

  • “National Park” Styled Posters

    “National Park” Styled Posters

    When a colleague returned from a conference in Hawaii (back in 2019), he excitedly showed me a poster designed for another observatory – done in a style reminiscent of the WPA-produced National Park posters. I was familiar with both the style and the poster in question and had been working on a few WPA-inspired versions…