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  • Galactic Gas Wind

    Galactic Gas Wind

    Gas Wind Streaming from Galactic Center At the heart of the Milky Way’s Galactic Center lies a supermassive black hole, and surrounding it are regions of intense star formation. The black hole, the star-forming regions, or a combination of both are driving a million-degree wind of hot gas that flows outward above and below the…

  • Family Science Day 2018

    Family Science Day 2018

    Poster and collateral designs for Family Science Day at the Green Bank Observatory Science Center.

  • Space Race Rumpus

    Space Race Rumpus

    T-shirt & poster design The Space Race Rumpus is a yearly biking event at the Green Bank Observatory for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. Though aimed at mountain bikers, the event also has road rides, time-trials, and trail rides all over the GBO site. The event is also marked by a t-shirt design…

  • 60th Anniversary Posters

    60th Anniversary Posters

    During the build up to the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Green Bank Observatory, I created a number of collateral pieces for the event. These two poster designs were used to draw attention to our history – depicting the original Tatel 85-1 telescope that took some of the first observations at Green Bank.…

  • Hydrogen Clouds

    Hydrogen Clouds

    Swarm of Hydrogen Clouds Flying Away from Center of our Galaxy Official press release from the Green Bank Observatory. This image was created using a large-format image of the Milky Way galaxy (photo by Serge Brunier, more info about this work here) upon which an illustration of the expanding clouds was created in Photoshop. Creating…

  • Oslo


    Life in a Hostel Environment Photos from Oslo, Norway. While on a coverage of several Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway), we lived in and out of hostels – which often run the gamut from excellent to “meh”. The ones we discovered in Scandia were excellent!

  • Landscape


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  • Random Photos

    Random Photos

  • Jacob’s Ladder – redesigned

    Jacob’s Ladder – redesigned

    With the 25th anniversary of Jacob’s Ladder, Inc. approaching (in April 2016) a new site redesign was needed. Something that would be responsive, clean, and easy to navigate. Reworking the design from a custom WordPress to a templated site was a good decision in the long run. While the custom site allowed for a certain…

  • DSLCC Redesign – redesigned

    DSLCC Redesign – redesigned

    Main site: The main goal in this site redesign was to make the site dynamic, responsive, and “future-proofed”. Working with a design firm, I was the creative liaison for DSLCC in the redesign of our college Web site. The primary design elements (logo design, branding guidelines, layout) came from my input, and the site…